Don't say goodbye

Hi there! okay,this post is my teaser to write english story.
Sorry if there are a lot of grammar mistake.
I hope so if you guys can correct me :)


              I opened the window and looked to the sky. There were millions of stars in the sky but only a few that were blinking. The stars situation was same as my life. There were many girls outside but only one that could kidnap my heart. Everybody in this world dream to find their true love once. I knew my love would not stronger as Shah Jahan and Mumtaz or Romeo and Juliet. But I can bet with you if one day I've fallen in love I will love her until my last breathe. I promised you that I wanted to have a happy family and I didn't want my children go through my experience. Speaking of them, I  still remembered how my mum protected me from my dad that wanted to kill me  because my mum  didn't give her money to buy drug. I wanted a beautiful love story and harmony family in this life.

           Unfortunately, I got a beautiful tragic love story. What will you do if you in my shoes, you in the middle of junction of the past and the future. Both of them you loved and you only have one choice. My name is Adam Brandon. I worked as an astronomy. So I spent a lot of my times in my lab. I always came home around twelve midnight. But today was Valentine day so I decided to back home early. Escapism. The best word that can describe my feeling right now. I missed my girlfriend, Dakota  that have missing 4 years ago. If she had beside me, I wanted to purpose her as my wife as we planned since we at the high school. I felt this night extraordinary than the others night. Out of the blue, I saw  a shooting star and without wasting anytime I wished to meet her back.

                Then, I heard a weird sound from the outside. I went out for look what had happen.  I got goose bumps and my adrenaline hormone secrete rapidly.Out of the blue, I saw an enormous plastic bag in front of my door. I opened the plastic and I was shocked. There was a damsel in a white dress.

              The next morning, she woke up in astonishment. She looked so petrified. I smiled to her and approached her to calm her down.

"Where am I?” she said.

“Oh, in my house. I found you last night in the plastic bag.” I replied.

I prepared a cup of hot chocolate and scrambled egg for her to ear. She ate hungrily.

“Do you have any place to go?” I asked her. She shook her head slowly.

“Oh, it is alright if you want to stay here”

“But, I don’t have any clothes”

“It is okay. You can wear my clothes, later we will buy a  new dress for you ”

            Spending time for a year with her was a great moment. I never thought that the stranger whom I never knew her background could stay with me this long. She was a gorgeous girl. She had an oval-shaped face with soft, creamy complexion. Her perfect hour glass body was the envy of others. Her perfect smile could make other people’s world turned upside down. If anyone asked me, if I would fall in love with her beauty, I would say yes ! but knowing her for a year was not enough to know her personality!


             We had done many things together. We cooked together, shopped, watched movies at the cinema and the part I would never forget was looking at the moon and stars during our camping at Jeju Island. I never thought this short-meet would end when  I got a call from a stranger.

“Why did you take the abandoned girl in the plastic bag and worsen my situation?” the stranger said.

“Who is this?” I asked him.

“Just listen to me.”

“I know you had a girlfriend who went missing five years ago. I have your girlfriend. Let’s change. I need that girl now!”

             Making a decision have been very difficult for me. Primrose or Dakota? The girl that I just met or my girlfriend who had left five years ago. I was in a dilemma. I loved her but I loved my girlfriend more. That day, I brought her to the place that we used to go. She looked so happy and that made me felt guilty to continue my agenda.

“What are you doing here?” she asked me.

              I kept silence. Then , a black sport car arrived at the place. A man in black came out in the car with a girl whom I was longing for all this time. I hugged her and whispered `I am sorry. I have to do this.’ I took her hand harshly and brought her to the man. She began to weep and I knew that she did not agree with my decision.

            At that moment , I realized that  I cannot do this! I changed my mind and grabbed her hand and ran to  a place only we knew. I cannot leave her for the one that had left me a few years ago. I cancelled my decision in the middle of our interchanged. I cannot loose her because she is my everything. I gave her William Shakespeare quotes:

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.


Fara Izzati


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