be grateful for what you had :)

Throw back to the last year,
wake up early in the morning even weekend.
because what?

Even my teacher,
doesn't around we have our sheet to do.
Even 30 minutes,
she will get us and make a short essay.

6.30 in the morning,
cannot late, cannot skip your meal,
because she will know!

6.30 in the morning sharp,
you must there in your respective class,
and do her homework.

Her lesson,
cannot fall asleep,
cause when you're caught
you'll get out.

20th of March 2014,

Eventhough I didn't score my SPM very well,
I really thankful because get A in your subject,

For the first time I get in your hug,
I cried so hard because I just get 7,
when my other friends got 9.

She calmed me,
and say "your result is better, why you must crying"
"you get A in english for the first time and your trial just C right?"

Yeah, for the rest of my life in SESERI,
I just got C in English,
I never thought that I'll score in english.
Btw I thank you very much Ms Vas for teach me.
For make my life rushing in the morning and evening.
But the payback was so sweeter.


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