extra ordinary

I'm imprisoned, I'm living a lie
Another night of putting on a disguise
I wanna tear it off and step in the light
Don't you, don't you?

So now I'm knocking at your front door
And I'm looking for the right cure
I'm still a little bit unsure
'Cause I know,
Yeah I know
That most people see me as ordinary
But if you look close you'll find I'm very
Interesting and hard to know
You can never tell where this might go
'Cause I'm not your average, average person
I don't know much, but I know for certain
That I'm just a little bit extra, extra
I'm just a little bit extra ordinary
I can see it from the spark in your eyes
You believe in all the things you deny
You wanna fly and leave your worries behind
Don't you, don't you?


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